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A message from
our Chairman

From the perspective of the Supervisory Board, we could clearly define 2018 as a year of major change in the organization with significant growth and impact for BoPInc. Through our role, we help to ensure that BoPInc continues to be fully transparent, accountable and efficient. 

We focused in 2018 on the adoption of a bold new strategy and structure in 2018. In addition to this, the board led the recruitment and selection of a new director, which we found in Luuk-Jan Boon. On this point, we would like to take the opportunity to thank BoPInc’s outgoing CEO Henk van Duijn, who officially handed over the reins to Luuk-Jan early in 2019. During Henk’s five-year term, his inspiring approach and phenomenal contribution has helped to transform BoPInc into the successful social enterprise it is today. 

The results of Henk and his talented team’s work can be seen not only in the scale and economic viability of the organization, but in the actual impact it has achieved. As demonstrated through the projects and stories in this report, the impact is the best indicator and measure of their success. The many entrepreneurs, farmers, producers, women and families - all accessing new pathways, products and platforms that can greatly improve their lives - and in turn foster more sustainable and prosperous, local economies. This has all been made possible through BoPInc’s unique role, as inclusive business and innovation experts, tapping the vast opportunities available at the Base of the Pyramid.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board,
Pierre Hupperts

Chairman - Supervisory Board BoPInc_imag
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