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A message from our Managing Director

Taking a step back to reflect on 2018, it’s clear that although our projects, clients and partnerships may change - our focus has not. For us, our true north will always be the Base of the Pyramid. The BoP guides and shapes our work.  As consumers, entrepreneurs and more. We co-create, 
co-implement with and for the BoP. Therefore our achievements, in particular our impact - will always reflect this mission.

BoPInc is an agile and innovative organization, we continue to question, test and refine our approach. We collect insights and build on our knowledge and expertise. Our work is multi-faceted, our clients, companies and donors diverse. We share our unique methods and tools, integrating and rolling out inclusive business principles. Always aligning our work with the wider global community, ensuring that our projects contribute to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as set out by the United Nations.

In 2018, we strengthened our presence in existing countries, whilst also reaching BoP communities within new regions - with an active presence in a total of 22 different countries. Our team also grew exponentially, with a total of 50 staff members spread across strategic locations delivering 65 projects within three main sectors:  food and nutrition , renewable energy, and water and sanitation for health (WASH).

The organization also commenced a transition of leadership, with Henk van Duijn wrapping up five extraordinary years at the helm of BoPInc. Now as the new program director for 2SCALE, one of the largest incubators for inclusive agribusiness in Africa, our team will work closely with Henk as BoPInc continues in its key role in the consortium. Our Management Team consists of three people, Mariska Kools (Finance and Operations Director) Emile Schmitz (Innovation and Marketing Director) and myself.

BoPInc has the ambition to continue this trajectory of growth over the coming years, with more collaboration and innovation, delivering increased impact for the BoP. Our current team of experts, our partnerships and project portfolio provide an excellent foundation for this, and I am truly excited to lead BoPInc into this inspiring new phase for the organization.

More than ever our approach is needed to unlock the potential of the BoP, to mobilize the private sector and donors in this endeavor and to find the most relevant and climate-smart innovations - leading to a more sustainable and inclusive development. We hope you enjoy this insider’s perspective of our work, and gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities through the stories and insights shared.

On behalf of the
Management Team,

Luuk-Jan Boon
Managing Director

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